Friday, November 13, 2009

Beautiful Skin is In is BACKKK!

Now that I'm embarking on educational pursuits to *pontentially* become the best dermatology nurse/medical esthetician EVER, I'm going to start up my "Beautiful Skin is In" blogging again! :-) As most of you know, I'm OBSESSED (almost to a fault) with skin, skin care science, cosmetic chemistry and the cosmetics/beauty industry.

On this blog, you'll find information and my general musings about skin care, skin health, cosmetic chemistry, cosmetic dermatology and medical esthetics, the beauty/cosmetics/skin care industry, product reviews (only those that I use, love and FULLY endorse), links to articles and other top-notch beauty/skin-care blogs.

I'll also be tweeting at

Hopefully you'll enjoy the content! I'd love to hear any suggestions for improving or any requests for topics/product review.

And remember...beautiful skin is in! So wear your sunscreen!!!

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