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Official Product Review: Sudden Change(R) Under-Eye Firming Serum

Sudden Change(R) Under-Eye Firming Serum

Where You Find This Product:

Drugstores (Walgreens, CVS, etc.), online (,, specialty retailers (ULTA) 

Product Description: 
  • Lines, wrinkles & circles disappear in 3 minutes
  • For delicate eye area, use daytime or evening to look your best
  • Look younger in just 3 minutes
  • Doctor tested
  • This remarkable Serum works unlike anything you have ever used before to make the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, lines and puffiness disappear, instantly
  • Within minutes this Serum firms and tightens your under-eye area to smooth out lines, wrinkles & puffiness while minimizing dark circles
  • This unique, temporary, quick-action formula lasts for the day and can be refreshed and touched up anytime
  • Manufactured in the USA 
Purified Water, Serum Albumin, SD Alcohol 40, Tetrasodium EDTA,  Dimethicone Copolyol, Hyaluronic Acid, Dextran Sulfate, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Quaternium-15, Methylparaben

Directions for Use:
  • Apply to clean, dry skin
  • Works with or without makeup
  • To use with makeup, mix one or two drops of Serum with a dab of makeup in the palm of your hand
  • Apply evenly but sparingly under the eyes where lines, dark circles and puffiness appear, and let dry for 1 to 3 minutes
  • To use without makeup, apply one or two drops sparingly to under-eye area, and let dry
  • Within minutes you can see & feel the difference

Beautiful*Skin*Is*In Official Review:

Ok, so, at the time I purchased Sudden Change(R) Under-Eye Firming Serum, I was furiously searching for something (ANYTHING) to make the suddenly apparent under eye wrinkles (which I've figured out are actually expression lines) go away. On top of this, I wasn't getting the results I wanted from the sample of DERMADoctor Wrinkle Revenge rescue & protect eye balmBeautypedia) (which, by the way, earned an "Average/Overpriced" rating from my skin-care guru Paula Begoun's , nor the Hyraluronic Eye Cream or Glycolic Eye Cream from Mario Badescu (which earned "Average" and "Poor" ratings from Beautypedia, respectively).  

In an impusle purchase moment at Walgreens, I picked up the Sudden Change(R) Under-Eye Firming Serum package and read the description.  "Wow!" I thought to myself, "My lines, wrinkles and circles will disappear in 3 minutes!"  (Disclaimer:  I was sort of in a skincare funk at this point...this would NEVER happen now in days).  I bought said product (paying $12 -- total rip off) and went home to try it out.

Per the directions for application, I cleansed my face and applied 2 drops to my fingertips.  I then "applied evenly, but sparingly" under both eyes and waited, excitedly, for my wrinkles to disappear.

What happened?  My undereye skin got really dry and tight and a layer of dried, cracked, white, flaky serum remained under my eyes (which did not easily come off when I tried to brush it off).  I was pretty mad that I had just spent $12 and, like an idiot, had thrown away my receipt outside of Walgreens thinking I had found the holy grail.  

In my recent skincare learnings/research, I found out why this product does not work as promised... 

For the most part, it is because the majority of cosmetic/skin care product packaging and advertisements is pure bullshit -- there's no regulation as to what companies can say in either case (except in the case of "organic" products, which is another ball of wax all together), so they tend to always (as you probably suspect) COMPLETELY stretch the truth.  More about this can be found on at this link:

The other reason is because this product contains some questionable ingredients for the skin in high quantities (tip: when looking at ingredient lists for cosmetics, the ingredients are listed in the order of highest-lowest quantity):

Serum Albumin: Found in egg white and can leave a film over the skin. Can tighten skin temporarily, but can also cause irritation and is not helpful for skin

SD Alcohol 40:  The alcohols to be concerned about in skin care products include SD alcohol.  Alcohols can not only be extremely drying, but can also generate free radical damage (yikes). In a product where the ingredients are at the top of the list (like this one), they will be problematic for skin.  

*All ingredient descriptions adapted from Beautypedia

Bottom line:  
DON'T buy this product!  Not only does it not live up to its packaging claims, but it includes ingredients in high quantities that are known irritants to the skin.  

Remember, "beautiful skin is in" :-) - so make sure to check your ingredient lists and stay away from irritants!

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