Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wine is Good for You!!!

(Thank you to Sephora's Beauty and the Blog for the inspiration for this post)

Good news to all you wine aficionados...an ingredient found in red and white wine, reveratrol68, has been found to fight viruses, inflammation (MAJOR cause of cellular damage and, consequently, skin aging per Dr. Nicholas Perricone MD ), cancer, neurological symptoms (read: Alzheimer's Disease) and aging. So drink up!!! Red wine has a higher quantity of reveratrol68, just so you know :-)

To glean the benefits of reveratrol68 topically, look to Caudalie -- their skin care line is "the first to use (and patent) stabalized grape seed polyphenols in skincare". Polyphenols are very potent antioxidents and can be taken orally (check out Dr. Frederick Brandt's line of antioxidant water boosters -- I'm a BIG fan) and applied topically.

Now I'm going to have a big glass of wine ;-)

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